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Making HTML Website or Hosting Files at Github


Github is the largest Collection of Code after Google itself. It provides Project Hosting to Developers around the world for free, Well you can Host a HTML Website, use it as a CDN whatever you want to like.

Making a website

  • Create a account at Github.
  • select username as your site name eg. if you select as tutorial-github-page it will make website as
  • Click on continue after signup.
  • skip this step for feedback.
  • Verify your email.
  • Start a Project.
  • input in Repository name. (use your username instead of tutorial-github-page)
  • Select Initialize this repository with a README.
  • And click Create Repository.
  • Create New File
  • File name as index.html
  • Write Anything or Homepage html content and click on Commit new file.
  • Create New File again.
  • File name as 404.html
  • Put content for Not Found Pages.
  • Now you can access your domain at
  • You can add files by droping onto the Repository Page up to 25 MB per file.
  • You can add a image and access it like.
  • access here

You can also Host your WordPress website js and css files and make a CDN of your own.

Custom Domain Settings

  • Click on Setting Button on Repository page in Github.
  • Custom domains allow you to serve your site from a domain other than
  • To setup custom domain read at Github Page.

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